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We analyze business models.
We invest into startups.
We restructure and stabilize digital companies.
We support founders and investors.

JALE: Willkommen


Serial entrepreneur, business angel & turnaround manager

In 2000, Björn started FairControl GmbH, a consulting company in the field of trade fair and event success control, and sold FairControl in 2012 to the MCI Group from Switzerland. In the years that followed, he built FaceAdNet into the largest German social online publisher. The company was acquired by Ströer AG in 2015. Björn was then managing director of Ströer Social Publishing for three years.
He has been involved in various start-ups since 2012, brings his experience and knowledge to the table and helps the founders operationally. Björn is also active in restructuring. Together with partners, he takes over the majority of digital companies and puts these companies back on the road to success.
In addition to his passion as an entrepreneur, Björn finds balance in sporting activities such as tennis, surfing, fitness and skiing.

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Entrepreneur, Business Angel

After studying business administration in Munich and Italy with a focus on marketing and innovation management, she worked in a strategic consultancy for marketing and sales and was thus able to support international corporations and medium-sized companies in building and expanding their brands. In order to pay tribute to her fascination with entrepreneurship, she helped organize various networking events in the startup and e-commerce industry and was able to make valuable contacts here. Simone has been with Jale since 2012 and, in addition to selected investments, takes care of controlling and finance. Since supporting female founders and thus closing the gender gap in the start-up industry is particularly important to her, her focus is now on further developing our portfolio in this direction. In her free time, Simone loves to spend time with her family and friends and loves to travel. She also dabbles in a range of sports: skiing, tennis and road biking top the list.

JALE: Team
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Investment Manager & Business Developer

After studying business administration with a focus on operations management, business informatics and marketing, Ben worked as a business analyst for Startupdetector and and found his passion for entrepreneurship, startups and digital business models.

During this time, in addition to analyzing startups, he organized networking and pitching events for business angels, venture capital funds and startups. He has been employed at Jale as an investment manager since autumn 2021 and provides operational support for all investments, especially in financing rounds and in the areas of sales, online marketing and e-commerce.

Ben finds passion and balance at the same time in sports and regularly plays football, basketball and does fitness training.

JALE: Profil


The investment company JALE was founded by Björn Jopen in 2011 and currently has 35 companies in its portfolio.
Björn Jopen has built and successfully sold several companies. JALE's current operational approach was developed through his experiences in founding and successfully building companies himself. The JALE team supports the portfolio companies primarily with financing rounds, setting up sales and recruiting a successful team.
In addition to investing in start-ups, JALE has also been active in restructuring digital companies for two years and in this case usually takes over the majority of the companies. The company will be provided with new financial resources, new management will be established and sales will be restructured.

JALE: Videos





Insenio is the leading online shop for incontinence articles and care aids in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In Germany alone, over 10 million people suffer from incontinence. In the portfolio, Insenio has a total of 2,500 products from around 70 brands and develops and sells 4 own brands.

Björn has primarily advised the managing director on strategic issues since the company was founded.

In portfolio since: 2015



As an innovative technology company, DemoUp Cliplister is developing into the leading platform for easy and efficient creation, management, distribution and analysis of authentic product content. DemoUp Cliplister has three locations and almost 100 employees. JALE acquired a majority stake in DemoUp in summer 2019 and was jointly responsible for the merger of the two companies DemoUp Cliplister in spring 2021.

In portfolio since: 2019



As an app, Humanoo offers over 1,500 coaching sessions in the areas of exercise, mindfulness and nutrition. The platform is mainly used in companies to maintain the health of the workforce. This is intended to reduce absenteeism, strengthen employer branding and attract and retain employees. In august 2021, Humanoo was able to carry out a Series B of 10 million dollars with various investors.


In portfolio since: 2017



Cleverly is the idea of the perfect online tutoring - where students and their parents are holistically supported not only by the best tutors, but also by Cleverly mentors.

Cleverly was founded in January 2021 and Björn is part of the founding team. Cleverly was able to attract numerous prominent business angels and investors (including Capnamic) and raised a total of 8.6 million euros in the seed rounds.

In the portfolio since: 2021



The reacha, is a lightweight trailer that can be dismantled and used as a handcart or bicycle trailer. It is used to transport equipment for outdoor sports activities. For example, the trailer can be used to transport stand-up paddleboards, windsurfing boards or kite equipment - but also kayaks, inflatable boats, fishing gear, shopping or the dog crate.

In portfolio since: 2019



The company based in San Francisco (USA) was founded by three Germans.

Kyte works with established car rental companies and uses an app to provide their cars with a delivery service to the end customer. The rented car is delivered directly to the customer's front door. Kyte is currently active in 14 cities across the US, with a new city being added monthly. In August 2021, Kyte was able to complete a $30 million Series A and in November 2022 a $60 million Series B

In portfolio since: 2018

everjump logo.png


Everjump was founded in Berlin in 2020 and has focused on the development of fitness skipping ropes and the associated training plans. The products impress with their high quality and individual usability, as they are available in different sizes and weights. Training units can also be accompanied by a video coach via an app and training progress can be tracked.

In portfolio since: 2021



VillaCircle  operates a co-ownership platform for holiday properties in Europe. The part owners, up to eight, can fulfill their dream of a holiday home and at the same time are freed from administrative tasks. In February 2023, the competitor Myne took over all shares in Villacircle for an undisclosed purchase price and are now the clear market leader in Germany. JALE is now also a shareholder in Myne.

In portfolio since: 2021



The Danish company Adent Health is working with dentists to develop an artificial intelligence-based smartphone app that users can use to scan their teeth themselves to get customized dental care advice. In the second step, customers are then supplied directly with their individual and high-quality dental care set.


In portfolio since: 2021




traplinked is a technology startup and digitizes pest control. The company from Nuremberg produces digital mouse and rat traps that can be monitored using specially programmed accompanying software. The work of the pest controllers can thus be made more time- and cost-efficient. In autumn 2022, 2.7 million euros were collected by Bayern Kapital, Born2Grow and numerous business angels.

In portfolio since: 2019



The fashion startup in Berlin, run by two women, develops under the brand saint sass unusual tights with embroidered statements and, since spring 2023, statement socks. The products are produced in Europe and finished by hand. The main sales channel includes the social media channels of saint sass, which currently has over 100,000 followers on Instagram.

In the portfolio since: 2021


Screenshot 2020-02-28 at 14.47.56.png  is a comparison and mediation portal for workshops. Visitors get auf  for all vehicle models a comprehensive overview of the costs, necessity and process of repairs and maintenance. In addition, workshops can be compared using comprehensive information and an appointment can be made directly via the portal. repareo has over several hundred thousand hits a month and works with the leading leasing companies and over 1,000 workshops.

In portfolio since: 2018


Web logo-SI-white_edited.png


The startup insider is the information service for the German start-up scene and offers users the best information service about national and international events in the industry via channels such as a newsletter with over 25,000 recipients, a podcast from the top 50 German business podcasts and networking events


In portfolio since: 2021




Panazee is developing a laboratory station for the home, with which blood tests can be carried out and evaluated cost-effectively, quickly and easily. Compared to conventional blood tests, up to 45 different samples can be taken with a smaller amount of blood. The results are clearly displayed in an app and tips are given for improving your own health and any necessary medication or supplements.  

In portfolio since: 2022



Breezit develops a marketplace through which companies and private individuals can search for service providers for events and shootings according to various criteria, view availability and also book directly. The platform, in turn, relieves them of time-consuming planning and billing processes with their customers. The company operates in Lithuania and since February 2023 in the USA. 


In portfolio since: 2022



The Sanos Group AG from Switzerland develops the medical software called “Roger”, which digitizes and at the same time optimizes the practice management of dentists. As a virtual employee, she helps dental practices to keep an overview of patients and their plans and demonstrably increases their sales through the gain in efficiency.


In the portfolio since: 2020

JALE: Portfolio
Second Nature Logo.png


Second Nature was founded in 2015 by two employees from the National Health Service in London. Individually adapted nutrition and diet plans are provided via an app. The clinically proven concept results in users losing an average of 6 kg in the first year and reducing type 2 diabetes in over 40% of cases. Second Nature has already been used by over 20,000 customers and currently generates annual sales of over 10 million US dollars.


In portfolio since: 2022

logo-femtis (1).png


Femtis was the first German company to develop period underwear that replaces hygiene items such as tampons or pads and is therefore significantly more sustainable. The femtis products are sold in particular via the company's own online shop. Björn took over the company together with other shareholders from the founders, relocated the headquarters from Karlsruhe to Berlin and set up a new management. 


In portfolio since: 2022



Novaheal has set itself the goal of revolutionizing education and training for nursing. For this purpose, an app was developed that, in the first step, maps the knowledge of the entire nursing training and makes it available in various formats, in an understandable multimedia way. Among others, Germany's largest nursing school, the Charité and Vivantes (BBG) work with Novaheal.

In portfolio since: 2023



Junto was founded by a team of serial founders in Berlin in 2022 and develops an e-learning platform for companies and startups. A wide variety of skills, such as leadership, are taught in interactive live sessions. The courses were created in cooperation with renowned universities, companies and experienced founders and take place in exclusive groups that experience a course together over several weeks.


In portfolio since: 2022



Contentity is a content marketing agency from Munich that offers its content at the highest level and in journalistic quality. Their range of services extends from content strategy, content creation, content production and content distribution to community management, social media management and newsroom services. Furthermore, Contentity provides various media houses with relevant and up-to-date news journalism on a daily basis.

In portfolio since: 2022



one page is a software tool for agencies that use it to create websites, link trees, mobile funnels and landing pages for their clients. The software can be used internationally, is self-explanatory and is very easy to use and function.


In portfolio since: 2022

Digital Smiles Logo_page-0001.jpg


Digital smiles creates global entertainment brands across all platforms that kids love. They want to offer children around the world fun experiences that build a foundation of values and knowledge. The company was launched in Munich, the stories are written in Los Angeles and the content is animated in Lahore. All brands are 100% owned by Digital Smiles.

In portfolio since: 2023



Miros is the world's first AI that enables shoppers to search for impossible-to-describe visual products just by thinking about them.
The founding team established an AI lab in Europe and sold their previous startup to Rakuten. In June 2023, a seed round of over 2 million was conducted.

In portfolio since: 2023



Fuel is a cloud finance division for startups. Fuel creates spreadsheets, graphs and automations. Customers receive, among other things, an income statement, financial projections and various unit economics at the push of a button. The company is headquartered in Ukraine and is growing at double-digit MoM.

In portfolio since: 2022

Land Finance.png


LANDE is an asset-backed crowdlending platform offering low loan to value (LTV) agricultural loans. LANDE comes from Latvia and will soon expand to Lithuania and Romania. The company is already cash flow positive and growing 15% MoM.

In portfolio since: 2022



Fellglück is an online shop for high-quality dog accessories. The startup was founded in September 2023 and is an exciting community project for us with a highly motivated founder selected from over 500 applicants.

In the portfolio since: 2023


Julep Media was founded in 2019 and Björn, as co-founder, helped conceptually develop the podcast marketer and drove its development forward. In August 2022, 100% of Julep Media was sold to the US podcast hosting network Libsyn. In February 2024, the founders and other investors reacquired all company shares and are restructuring the company.

In the portfolio since: 2024



VYBE is a technology-driven beauty company for high-quality concealers and foundations. The AI-based Shade Finder technology enables personalized shade recommendations in seconds. Perfect shade, long-lasting effect and lightweight feel. VYBE combines modern beauty technologies and first-class make-up results with skin-care benefits.


In portfolio since: 2023



Since 2022, several top managers and entrepreneurs have been building the FC Viktoria 1899 Berlin fundamentally overhaul and professionalize game operations and organization. They have set themselves the goal of jointly leading the women's team to the Bundesliga in the next few years and proving that women's football can be just as attractive and lucrative as men's. Since May 2023, Simone and Björn Jopen have been supporting the heart project with a financial contribution.

In portfolio since: 2023



Doctorflix offers a digital training platform on which doctors can use practical video courses to train themselves in a targeted manner. The training courses are CME-certified and are offered in many different specialist areas, such as gynaecology, dermatology or internal medicine. JALE joined Doctorflix in May 2023 in a seven-figure seed round.

In portfolio since: 2023

LOGO RGB-01.png


Trustyourvc is an innovative review platform that makes it possible to collect and share insights and reviews about investors from different perspectives. Through a 360-degree approach, the platform allows founders to evaluate investors based on their experiences, while at the same time giving investors the opportunity to evaluate their co-investors. Additionally, it offers Limited Partners (LPs) the opportunity to assess investors, creating a comprehensive picture of the performance and reliability of investors in the start-up financing ecosystem.

In the portfolio since: 2024



FairControl is a consulting and market research agency with offices in Munich, Geneva and Shanghai. The focus is on monitoring the success and optimization of live marketing. Björn founded FairControl in 2000 and sold it to the MCI Group in 2012. The MCI Group is the world's largest event agency with over 2,500 employees and 61 offices.


ShowHeroes provides publishers with mobile video content and technology to distribute that content. In addition to the distribution and the content of the videos, ShowHeroes also takes care of a scalable and cost-effective production of the videos and the marketing of the videos on various channels.

JALE entered the seed round as an investor and was able to secure a stake in the last major financing round

Make secondary exit to Redalpine VC.


Björn was a co-founder of FaceAdNet and, as managing director, helped to build the company into a leading online social publisher in Germany. With over 50 million Facebook fans, traffic was generated for most of the media houses in Germany and for various of our own portals.

FaceAdNet was sold to Ströer in 2015 and then renamed Ströer Social Publishing.


Autoplenum is one of the first points of contact for car buyers and car fans in Germany and Austria. The portfolio includes and Through the consistent comparison of editorial content, user experience and technical data, the websites offer a comprehensive range of information, from simple interest in a car to buying, selling or repairing a car.

In 2021 the autoplenum group was sold 100% to a leading car portal.


JALE has made a successful exit from the following companies.


The Munich-based company has developed a digital solution for parking areas so that parking discs, barriers or controllers are no longer required. Using camera technology with the associated AI software, ParkDepot can recognize every car in a parking area and determine the exact parking time. This allows illegal parkers to be identified and the parking space to be optimised.

JALE entered the seed round as an investor and was able to make a secondary exit to Henq VC in the last major financing round.

Fit Analytics

The SaaS company has been using machine learning since 2010 to reduce returns and increase conversion for major brands and online retailers in the fashion industry. This is achieved by software that helps customers of online shops and brand websites to find the right product size.

JALE joined the seed round as an investor in 2011. Björn Jopen was an active member of the Fit Analytics Advisory Board for several years. In March 2021, Fit Analytics was 100% acquired by the publicly traded Snap Inc.

Julep Media

Julep Media was founded in 2019 and, as a co-founder, Björn helped to develop the concept of the podcast marketer and pushed ahead with its development. In the summer of 2022, Julep Media will have over 45 million streams per month with over 50,000 episodes in its portfolio.
In August 2022, Julep Media was sold 100% to the US podcast hosting network Libsyn. Libsyn is the world's leading provider of marketing and hosting in the podcast market.



Happy Story GmbH is active in the ad-tech sector. They follow a KPI-driven publishing approach to automatically test content from the entertainment genre before it is scaled to a broad audience. Happy Story operates several portals with seven-digit access numbers.
In February 2021, JALE sold all shares to the previous shareholders at a premium.


52 masterworks is an art crowd investment platform. The business idea is that the community buys a work of art together. 52masterworks has access to artworks from hand-picked artists that a normal collector doesn't have access to or can't finance on their own. JALE passed on the shares to former shareholders in May 2023.



The following holdings in companies have failed:




Professionalizes short-term rentals via Airbnb. Airgreets takes care of the complete handling of all activities that arise during an Airbnb rental. From creating a professional presentation of the apartment on Airbnb, handing over the keys when renting, cleaning the apartment to doing the laundry, Airgreets takes care of everything for its users.
Unfortunately, the company went bankrupt at the end of 2019 due to the uncertain legal situation regarding Airbnb in Germany.

Medlanes is a private medical on-call service that organizes home visits by cooperating on-call doctors for private patients and self-payers. Thanks to a large network of doctors who are also available at weekends and on public holidays, patient appointments can be arranged flexibly. Medlanes was sold to Zava in January 2021. Due to the low purchase price and the liquidation preferences, there was no exit proceeds for JALE.

The Berlin company offered automated web security for small and medium-sized companies. Monitoring, a backup service and regular code analysis of the website were among the three services covered by the SaaS solution, The automation in the approach made the solution affordable for SMEs and usable without IT knowledge. JALE was invested in via the Rheingau Founders incubator. Unfortunately, the company went bankrupt in May 2019.


Sportnex was co-founded by Björn in 2004 and operates Germany's largest sports auction house at In addition, Sportnex implements various online shops for professional clubs and takes care of the entire operational business. This also includes the official online shop of UEFA.


The Hamburg company Expresssteuer 

was founded in 2019 and took on the role of tax advisor as a digital service provider. In 2022, the fintech startup completed a financing round of 25 million and was able to add Insight Partners and Project A Ventures to its circle of investors. ExpressTax had to file for bankruptcy in December 2023. 

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